Teething Tots

Let’s talk about the wonderful world of teething….

Having twins is hard enough, most of the time you are sleep deprivedand running on empty. Put that together with both babies teething at the same time and you’ve got yourself a real nightmare. Let’s be honest, it isn’t what any parent wants to deal with now is it?! But let’s face it, who really wants a mouthful of teeth coming through at such a young age when you don’t really understand what is going on apart from the fact that something is hurting you!

Every parent has their own remedies they use to try and soothe their little one’s gums whilst teething. Ours is Teetha® Teething Granules and Teething Gel! Did you know that Teetha® is a trusted brand amongst parents and has won various awards over the years?

Let me tell you right now – Teetha® does everything it says it does, and very effectively too. The granules and Teething Gel are both so simple to use, they can be used on the go which is perfect for us busy mums.

Let me talk about the Teething Granules…. to use them I simply open one of the sachets and pour them into each of the twin’s mouth. I find that you will notice once the granules get into their mouth they start to chew, this to me is a sign that they are already being relieved of pain.Not to mention the moment of peace and quiet you get whilst they work the magic granules around their mouth.

Now onto the Teething Gel…. when using the Teething Gel, I have two different ways of applying it into the boy’s mouths. Firstly, if they are in so much pain and won’t even let me get near their mouth I will smother their dummy in the Gel and then insert the dummy into their mouth which soothes their gums straight away.  Secondly if the boys are being cooperative I put the Gel onto my index finger (I always clean my hands prior to doing this) I then smother the boy’s gums in the Gel. 

The first time that I saw the Teetha® products was in my local Boots. I had always known about the teething granules and teething gel but had never used them. Since picking up a box of each, I have never looked back since. In my eyes I would pay any price to try and relieve my babies from teething pains, plus I would also do anything for a full nights uninterrupted sleep.

My personal preference are the teething granules over the gel. My reason for this is that I find they take the edge off the boys teething pains straight away, the granules are also very simple and quick to use with no mess at all. Sometimes I find with the gel if the boys are really distressed they will not let me get my finger in their mouth to apply the gel on their gums nor will they keep the dummy with the teething gel on it in their mouth, so they end up spitting out their dummy and the teething gel goes everywhere!

Please do remember that Teetha® products are only suitable on babies who are 3+ months, nothing before. There are lots of Highstreet retailers that stock the Teetha® products too, these include Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett.

Learn more about the Teetha® range here: https://www.nelsons.net/en/our-brands/nelsons/baby-range?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=influencer&utm_campaign=localuk&utm_content=parent_blogger_teddy_ronniett

You can also follow them on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/teethauk/

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